FILIP ZUMBRUNN Director of Photography

FILIP ZUMBRUNN Director of Photography
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Filip Zumbrunn, Director of Photography, born 1969 in Zurich, Switzerland

In 1987 Zumbrunn won the 1. Price of the Swiss Youth-Film-Festival with his S-8mm Production "Timeless". 

After graduating from High School, he started working in the Filmindustry as an Electrician and then as a Clapper/Loader. 

From 1992 on he was working as a First Camera-Assistant and Focus Puller for many different Commercial-, Corporate-, Documentary- and Feature Films. 

Since 2000 Filip Zumbrunn works as a freelance Director of Photography and in 2005 he wins the Special Jury-price for Best Cinematography at the Swiss Film-price with the Film "Strähl". 

2008 he wins the Award for Best Cinematography at the Brooklyn International Filmfestival for the Italian film "Fuori Dalle Corde". 

Filip Zumbrunn is a member of the European- and of the Swiss Film Academy and lives with his wife and two daughters in Zurich, Switzerland. 

He is represented by the well known agency "die agenten" in Berlin and works currently on international productions all over Europe. 

His most recent works are:

„Misericorde“ Director: Fulvio Bernasconi

„Chinese Widow“ Director: Bille August

"55 Steps" Director: Bille August